Virginie Do

PhD candidate in Computer Science


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I am finishing my PhD in Summer 2023 and I am open to work after my PhD. If you are interested in my profile, please reach out!

I am a final-year PhD student at PSL University (Université Paris Dauphine) and Meta AI (Facebook AI Research), advised by Nicolas Usunier (Meta AI), Jamal Atif and Jérôme Lang (PSL University, CNRS). I am based in Paris, France.

I am interested in machine learning, social choice and responsible AI. My PhD focuses on fairness in recommender systems. An overview can be found in this blogpost.

Prior to my PhD, I received an MSc in Social Data Science from the University of Oxford, an MSc/BSc in Applied Mathematics from Ecole Polytechnique (Diplôme d'Ingénieur) , and a BA in Philosophy from Université Paris Nanterre.

Publications & preprints

Fairness in recommender systems: Insights from social choice. PhD thesis. [pdf]
Virginie Do.

Group fairness without demographics using social networks. ACM FAccT 2023. [pdf]
David Liu, Virginie Do, Nicolas Usunier and Maximilian Nickel.

Contextual bandits with concave rewards, and an application to fair ranking. ICLR 2023. [pdf]
Virginie Do Elvis Dohmatob, Matteo Pirotta, Alessandro Lazaric and Nicolas Usunier.

Optimizing generalized Gini indices for fairness in rankings. ACM SIGIR 2022. [pdf]
Virginie Do and Nicolas Usunier.

Fast online ranking with fairness of exposure. ACM FAccT 2022. [pdf]
Nicolas Usunier, Virginie Do, Elvis Dohmatob.

Online approval committee elections. IJCAI 2022. [pdf]
Virginie Do, Matthieu Hervouin, Jérôme Lang, and Piotr Skowron.

Online certification of preference-based fairness for personalized recommender systems. AAAI 2022. [pdf]
Virginie Do, Sam Corbett-Davies, Jamal Atif, and Nicolas Usunier.
🏆 Outstanding paper award (1 award / 1.3k accepted papers and 9.2k submissions).

Two-sided fairness in rankings via Lorenz dominance. NeurIPS 2021. [pdf]
Virginie Do, Sam Corbett-Davies, Jamal Atif, and Nicolas Usunier.

Online selection of diverse committees. IJCAI 2021. [pdf]
Virginie Do, Jamal Atif, Jérôme Lang, and Nicolas Usunier.

e-ViL: A Dataset and Benchmark for Natural Language Explanations in Vision-Language Tasks. ICCV 2021. [pdf]
Maxime Kayser, Oana-Maria Camburu, Leonard Salewski, Cornelius Emde, Virginie Do, Zeynep Akata, Thomas Lukasiewicz.

Science communication

Blogpost at Montreal AI Ethics Institute: "Fair allocation of exposure in recommender systems." 2023. [blog]

Podcast Ex Machina (in French): "Ethique des algorithmes : Comment garder la main sur les IA?", 2023. [Spotify]

Interview in La Recherche (French popular science magazine): "La difficile definition de l'équité en IA." 2022. [pdf]

Other interviews: and CNRS, 2022.


I co-chaired the workshop Responsible Decision-Making in Dynamic Environments at ICML 2022 in Baltimore, organized with Thorsten Joachims, Alessandro Lazaric, Joelle Pineau, Matteo Pirotta, Harsh Satija and Nicolas Usunier.

Reviewer: NeurIPS 2021-2022, ICML 2022, IJCAI 2023, FAccT 2022-2023.


Paris, France

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